Wireless Electricity

Tesla’s Biggest Dream

No, we are not talking about the electric vehicle giant Tesla brand. The famous inventor of the Serbian origin, Nikola Tesla, who lived between the 1800-1900 years mentioned here, is his biggest dream; wireless electricity.

Tesla had been dreaming of providing wireless and free electricity to the whole world since his childhood. Although the free part has not been realized, we can say with peace of mind that the wireless part has come to life.

Nikola Tesla has worked hard for many years to carry electricity wirelessly. As a result of his work, he produced a coil and named this coil Tesla. What is the coil for those who do not know? Let’s talk a little bit in its simplest form. The coil is insulated conductive wires wrapped around a core or spool. So, what are these wires for? When current passes over it, it stores energy in the magnetic field. Coils are also called inductors.

Tesla specifically designed the coil to produce a high voltage and high frequency electric current and used an induction coil to convert the low voltage source into a high voltage source. As a result of his little work, he proved that he knew the wireless stone of electricity locally and was entitled to patent the Tesla coil in 1891.

However, the famous inventor, who has never been content with small works, has been patented with these small works, but he has not been satisfied and continued to carry electricity further. He managed to install and operate the world’s most powerful radio transmitter on a mountain in Colorado Spring, where his lab is located. However, as you can guess, this was not enough.

Tesla, which produced a 22.5-meter diameter air core transformer by erecting a 60-meter pole, put another device to provide wireless energy by placing the device a few miles away from the radio station. When exchanging electricity between the station and the device, it is said that there are lights like lightning in the sky, and even louder noise. Records indicate that a voltage of 100 million volts was used during wireless energy exchange. The lights and noise that emerged during this work have affected the public for a long time. While a group found Tesla cursed, a group supported Tesla.

200 Bulbs On 26 miles away

The first attempt failed for Tesla, but continued to work without ever giving up, considering Tesla failures as the results that needed improvement. And the result was the illumination of 200 incandescent bulbs of 10 kw, 26 miles away.

As Tesla approached his dreams step by step, his supporters started to increase as a result of his successful works and the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island started with the support of a financier to provide electricity or data transmission to the desired region of the world thanks to wireless electricity.

Whatever happened just at that time. During the construction of the tower, businessmen who supported Tesla understood that the world would have free electricity if the tower was completed. Since this did not work, they withdrew all the support they gave to Tesla and unfortunately the tower construction could not be completed.

Although Tesla cannot fully realize his dream, we think it is extremely pleasing to be so close to a dream.

Nowadays, wireless electricity exists almost every moment of our daily life. It makes our lives extremely easy. We can say that we owe Tesla a big thank you for that.

Today; Tesla’s wireless electricity handling principle is used in many fields such as wireless chargers, wireless chargers for electric cars, in-car wireless chargers, pacemakers.

In addition, studies in this field continue without slowing down today. For example; Studies are conducted on the transmission of an energy obtained in space to the world by wireless data transfer method. Who knows, maybe we will have the technology to meet our energy needs directly from space soon.

Another ongoing work on wireless electricity transfer that may be of interest to you is that the devices that are added to the body afterwards and that allow the body functions to continue can be charged inside the body. Imagine that you have a pacemaker, you will be able to charge it easily without going to the hospital, without any operation. Wouldn’t your life be much easier?

A technology that was discovered nearly 200 years ago continues to be developed, using this technology as an infrastructure and producing new devices and making inventions. And it looks like it will continue for a very long time.