Tesla’s Life and Projects About Energy

The Only Scientist to Reject the Nobel Prize

We all know Nikola Tesla, born in 1856, in Croatia, as the father of the alternative trend. Tesla is also known as the architect of the science and technology infrastructure in the world.

The most important invention of the famous inventor, who has many inventions and inventions, is to carry electricity wirelessly. The records show that Tesla can burn 20 bulbs 25 miles away. In addition, Tesla was also invented by fluorescent lamps, neon lights, speedometers, ignition systems in cars, radar basics, electron microscopes and microwaves. Although they are very important for humanity, the knowledge that these are found by Tesla is not known much.

There is another unknown or incomplete information that is that Marconi invented the radio. However, Tesla had invented the radio long before Marconi. Even while the radio that Marconi invented did not transmit the sound, Tesla succeeded in inventing a radio that could also emit sound waves before Marconi. In the year that Nikola Tesla died, the patent rights in Marconi by the high court were revoked due to Tesla’s earlier invention.

The war between Tesla and Edison is known to almost everyone. Even a movie called Electric Wars on the subject has been released recently. In this article, instead of talking about the war between Tesla and Edison, we want to touch on the very unknown facts about Tesla.

But briefly, what is the alternating current advocated by Tesla and the direct current defended by Edison? Let’s talk about them. Alternative current; It is a changing electric current whose amplitude and direction are periodic. If direct current; It is the flow of electrical charges unchanged from high potential to low potential.

There are multiple situations that have been cited as the cause of the dispute between Tesla and Edison. One of these situations is that Edison does not pay the amount he says he will pay against Tesla’s work. Only then will we never know what happened, the true truth.

On his deathbed, Edison is said to want to apologize to Tesla for what he did. However, it is known that Tesla does not answer Edison’s call and does not go to Edison to get his apology.

Studies on Extraordinary Memory, Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics

If you read Tesla’s biography, you will see how strong the memory is in almost all sources. As an example of the power of his memory, Tesla speaks 6 languages.

It is stated in almost every source that the greatest dream of the great inventor is to provide free energy to the world. It is possible to say that Tesla fulfilled his dream. Thanks to the power plant established in Niagara Falls in 1890 and Tesla’s methods, electricity was produced from running water. Thus, the world’s first hydroelectric power plant was established.

Tesla, who has many obsessive behaviors, is shown to lose his brother at a very young age as the reason for his obsessive behavior. In addition, his father’s wish for Tesla to be a cleric like him and to force Tesla in this direction is shown as a factor in developing obsessive behaviors.

In addition to his obsessive behavior, when we look at history, we can see how much cooperation and development Tesla is open to. With a completely friendly approach, he wanted to share his inventions or contribute to the development of other people, but he did not have a chance in this direction. Tesla, who was exposed to unpleasant behavior by Edison, whom he went to work in the years he came to America, was also deemed small by Ford. While Ford, who invented the first engine, enjoyed his invention, Tesla went to Ford and said that he did not need such a big engine. However, Ford did not bother to listen to Tesla. Tesla soon proved that Ford did not need such a big engine by inventing the ignition system. And Ford somehow patented the ignition system invented by Tesla, leaving Tesla halfway.

Tesla Used Fluorescent Lamp in Laboratory Before Discovering Fluorescent

Tesla had put forward many theories in history, but somehow his luck did not go well, and most of his theories were not listened to. Years later, using the same theories, scientists developed many inventions that would make life easier.

I think the best example of this situation is fluorescent lamp. Tesla found the fluorescent and used it to illuminate his office. However, substantial money was required to develop, produce and distribute inventions. Unfortunately, Tesla could not find the money he needed for fluorescent. For this reason, the fluorescent could not get out of Tesla’s laboratory. Forty years after Tesla’s death, scientists rediscovered fluorescence and brought it to life.

Another example of this situation is the remote controls. Tesla, remote use He discovered the working principle of mandala and even invented the remote control. However, no one believed that this invention could be real and beneficial to humanity. However, years later, even today, remote controls are of great importance in our lives. It looks like we owe Tesla many thanks to his inventions, including remote controls, for his theory.

He also presented theses that belong to the war period, which could possibly change the course of history, but these theses could not be put into practice because Edison mostly blocked his way. The best example of this is the discovery of radars. The Americans wanted to realize the idea of ​​using energy waves to find German submarines and asked for support from Edison. However, Edison refused to give support because the idea belongs to Tesla. This situation prevented the inventions of radars. Exactly 25 years after this incident, radars were invented based on the same idea.

Tesla in Space

Tesla, who studied physics, mathematics and mechanics, was also very curious about space. He succeeded in sending sound waves from his own laboratory to space with a study he did. It was the first time in history that sound waves were sent to space. Tesla recorded funny sound waves from space and shared it with the public. However, since there was not much information about space in that period, Tesla’s discovery was not received very positively. Now we know that the funny sound waves Tesla recorded at that time was the noise of the stars.

Tesla, who was the father of many more inventions that made life easier, died in 1943 in a hotel room without being a billionaire, as opposed to many inventors.

All written documents of Tesla were confiscated by the US government. Today, scientists still continue their research on Tesla’s work.