Tesla and Edison Struggle

Tesla Against Edison

Reading the title, many people think; “Tesla is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Edison is the person who finds electricity. Tesla, how could he oppose Edison? ” Tesla, which we mentioned in this article, left its mark in the late 1800s and early 1900s, American inventor Nikola Tesla.

Obsessive, Nerdy, and Aggressive

The famous inventor Nikola Tesla, of Serbian origin, is now known as the father of the alternating current electrical supply system. The most interesting information we can share about the famous inventor is that his mother is also an inventor. It is extremely rare to meet a female inventor at that time. Tesla’s mother, on the other hand, is a woman known as the inventor of household appliances, by succeeding in developing her interest in household appliances. Thanks to his mother’s intense interest and knowledge in physics and mathematics, Tesla has been able to develop himself in this field and has managed to become an inventor still mentioned today.

It is said that the biggest discovery of Tesla, who left the university halfway, is to prove that electricity can be carried wirelessly. The present invention is said to lay the foundation for all known communication systems, space technologies, and wireless communications. All written sources containing information about Tesla underline that the inventor has an obsessive, asocial and aggressive nature.

With the Invention of The Bulb There Was A Big Change in Daily Life

Nowadays when it comes to Edison, many people immediately think of a light bulb. So, Edison just invented the light bulb? What other experiments did he do? What personality did he have?

Thomas Edison has done many experiments throughout his life. It has acquired 1093 patents. Besides, with many experiments, he laid the foundation of many technologies used today. In addition to his experiments, Edison also founded the first industrial research laboratory in history.

What was the Conflict Between These Two Scientists?

If you watched the movie called Electric Wars in 2017, the movie exactly answers this question. If not, we suggest you watch the movie as soon as possible.

While Tesla was involved in alternating current, Edison conducted his studies on direct current.

At the end of the 1800s, Tesla and Edison’s paths crossed, and Tesla started working for Edison. However, Tesla’s work on alternating current was not welcomed by Edison in any way. And tensions began between the two inventors.

Alternative current is simply the type of current that varies. Direct current is a constant flow type. Thanks to Edison’s direct current studies, electricity was brought to the houses at that time. Due to economic concerns, Edison did not want to change the way he was working. Tesla’s rejection of his idea every time eventually led to tension between the two inventors.

Quitting work for Edison, Tesla stepped up his work and invented the three-phase alternating current induction motor. The three-phase current induction motor converted electrical energy into mechanical energy much more efficiently than direct current. In addition, thanks to the alternating current, higher voltages could be produced, allowing electricity to be transported farther, much cheaper.

Westinghouse Commissioned

George Westinghouse, father of White Westinghouse, known today as a white goods brand, became a rival against Edison by purchasing the patents owned by Tesla in 1885. Tesla’s biggest goal in selling patents is said to be spreading alternating current. Contrary to the purpose of Tesla, with the introduction of Westinghouse, competition has literally turned into a trade war.

The Birth of Electric Chairs

Edison, who panicked in the face of the rise of Tesla and people turning to alternative current, did not know how to deal with this rise and started Tesla, the alternative stream smear campaign. He distributed leaflets on the streets that would frighten people, and he told the newspapers that the alternative current was harmful. He went even one step further by demonstrating by giving electricity to the animals in the streets to make people believe that alternating current is dangerous. Of course, Edison did not do all of this alone. There was a great team working with Thomas Edison.

A young inventor on Edison’s team designed the first electric chair and handed it over to New York prisons, using several Tesla patents from Westinghouse.

In 1890, the first criminal was sentenced to execution with an electric chair. The offender was planned to give 1000 volts of electricity. With 1000 volts, it was expected that the criminal’s heart would stop and a sudden death would occur. However, it was not as expected, after 1000 volts of electric current, the witnesses said the criminal was still breathing. Thereupon, the criminal was given 2000 volts current. As a result of the current, the criminal’s veins burst and his body lit up.

After the incident, people’s view of alternating current began to change and Tesla started to decline. Until 1893, until the Columbus World Fair.

Taking the economic power of Westinghouse behind, Tesla has proved that the alternative flow is reliable, inexpensive and successful all over the world by making a reasonable offer for the illumination of the Columbus World Fair held in 1893. Immediately after the fair, people started turning to alternating current, leaving the direct current.

Childhood Dream Becomes A Reality

Tesla’s biggest dream as a child is said to produce electricity from running water. Tesla fulfilled his childhood dream in 1896. Electricity production from flowing water was carried out by using alternating current in power plants set up in Niagara Falls. Tesla’s methods were also used in the distribution of the electricity obtained here.

Tesla gave up his receivables

Did you know that Tesla could be one of the richest people in the world thanks to his inventions and the methods he developed, but he gave up the contract by tearing it?

In his contract with White Westinghouse, it was written that Tesla would charge a fee for the electricity produced. With the increase in interest in alternating current, the number of electricity units produced by Tesla started to increase. So, the fee that Westinghouse has to pay to Tesla has increased. Westinghouse soon became unable to pay this fee and came to the point of sinking. Upon this situation, Tesla ripped the contract and gave up all the amount he needed to buy from Westinghouse.

It can be said that Columbus World Fair held in 1893 was the end of the war between Tesla and Edison.

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