Renewable Energy

The Most Important Energy Source Used in the World

Energy is something necessary for anything you can think of. We constantly consume energy and continue to consume it. How does the energy used and consumed by people never end, it continues to exist?

Thanks to renewable energy sources, we can say that we have infinite energy. What is renewable energy? It is the replacement of as much or more energy as is consumed within a certain time. So, what are the renewable energy sources? Wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydraulic energy, biomass energy and hydrogen energy are renewable energy sources.

If you pay attention, the common feature of renewable energy sources is that they are natural. We have stated that these resources are unlimited and inexhaustible. However, it should be underlined that if we do not treat nature properly, if we do not adequately protect our environment, it is inevitable that one day it will be at risk of being exhausted.

Thanks to renewable energy sources in our country, 24% of the energy consumed is obtained. By the end of 2023, it is aimed to increase this rate to 30% as a result of the developments. Studies and developments in this field are concentrated on hydroelectricity. At the end of 2023, it is aimed to use the hydroelectric potential at 100%.

However, Turkey’s wind, must be identified as having great significance in terms of geothermal and solar energy sources. Due to its geographical location, these energy sources in our country are at a usable level with 100% efficiency.

100% Renewable Energy Use in 2050

Although our country is so lucky about renewable energy sources, not all of the energy consumed today is met from these sources. With the awareness raising activities, it is aimed to obtain all the energy used in our country in 2050 from renewable energy sources.

A large number of projects are carried out by the General Directorate of Energy Affairs, both in Turkey and abroad, in partnership with other institutions. In our country, Tübitak is one of the institutions that carry out the most projects with the General Directorate of Energy Affairs.

In addition to all these, it is very important to use renewable energy sources efficiently and to consume the energy obtained from these sources efficiently. The General Directorate of Energy Affairs and the Japanese International Cooperation Organization are carrying out the third country training project for increasing energy efficiency. In addition to this project, domestic projects such as increasing energy efficiency in the industry, increasing energy efficiency in buildings, launching energy efficient electrical appliances are also carried out.

Production Costs Dropped

The International Renewable Energy Agency states that the cost of generating electricity using renewable energy sources is decreasing each year, which increases the rate of consumers choosing renewable energy sources.

The world’s largest technology companies have started to prefer their energy needs using renewable energy sources. The use of clean energy from these sources has almost tripled in the past two years.

Technology giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have announced that they are working to use all of their needs from these sources while they are starting to use most of the energy they need. The initiative of 4 big companies directed many other technology companies to use clean energy.

Why is it so important to use renewable energy sources and to consume clean energy from these sources?

As we mentioned above, renewable energy sources are natural resources. The biggest plus of using these resources is that they do not have any outputs that can harm the environment and cause air pollution. For example; If you make use of solar energy and generate electricity, the only form you will have is the electricity you produce. However, there is no output that can cause air pollution such as harmful gases and smoke.

On the other hand, renewable energy sources are reliable energy sources. Some sources may mention that these sources are not reliable, such as solar energy or wind energy. However, this is a purely commercial smear. The use of natural energy sources is extremely safe and efficient.

By using these resources, it is also possible to obtain much more energy with a much lower budget. For example; If you want to generate electricity by making use of wind energy, it is sufficient to install only one wind generator. Installation may seem expensive in the first place, but considering the long term, energy production from natural sources is extremely low cost.

Although we do not want to say exactly disadvantage, renewable energy sources There are disadvantages as well as the notions.

The use of these resources has increased significantly in recent years. Today, the facilities used for energy production are not sufficient to meet the demand. However, continuous development studies are carried out for this, and infrastructure works are carried out for new facilities. However, some companies state that the energy obtained from these energy sources has low efficiency. However, this is related to the facility built for resource use and how the energy obtained is consumed. For this reason, it is not correct to state that the energy obtained has low efficiency.