Integrated Management System Policy

  • As Istanbul Enerji AŞ, we aim to provide customer-oriented, reliable, compliant, competitive, high-quality services and products in our activities in a way that best represents the corporate identity of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality that we are a subsidiary of.
  • We are committed to meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, primarily our customers, to manage and improve all our business processes effectively, to utilize renewable energy sources and to produce environmentally friendly and clean energy.
  • In order to improve the Integrated Management System performance, we work to raise the awareness of our employees, and take their opinions and ensure their participation in the system.
  • We are committed to providing a work environment based on the Integrated Management System sensitivity for our employees and all our stakeholders.
  • In terms of efficiency of the Integrated Management System; We are committed to continuously improving our performance by ensuring customer satisfaction, preventing pollution and protecting the environment, preventing injuries, health deterioration, and utilizing renewable energy sources.
  • Considering the effects of all our operational decisions on the Integrated Management System, it identifies the process risks, occupational health hazards, environmental impacts and important energy usage areas that are the natural part of our operations. We are committed to the implementation of planned initiatives to minimize and control their impact.
  • We select the most suitable products in terms of energy efficiency and support all designs based on the improvement of energy performance.

Our greatest energy and motivation will be the awareness and participation of our employees in the success of our works. As Istanbul Energy, our aim is to increase our competitive power and to represent our company with pride.