The Message Of The President

Istanbul is one of the most important metropolises of the world with its geographical, historical and cultural richness. We work with our 30 affiliated companies day and night in order to provide the service they deserve to this unique city and our fellow countrymen. For this purpose; we make plans and develop projects in the light of common mind in all areas of life, from urban development to transportation, from infrastructure to the environment, from health to education, from sports to culture and arts.

We grow the city economy, create job opportunities, and redraw the future of Istanbul with an efficient and modern approach with the services our companies put into practice. We continue our services to facilitate and beautify life in Istanbul with our subsidiaries that work with a sense of merit, loyalty to duty, care for the city and respect for people.

With Istanbul Energy AŞ, we offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in the field of energy management for our customers, stakeholders and society, with the aim of expanding environmentally friendly fuel diversity by using renewable energy sources.

We will continue to realize our services and investments in line with our priority to make Istanbul the most livable city in the world and make our people happy. Our greatest strength and motivation on this road will be your love, support and companionship as always.

Love and respect


Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality