Message From Our CEO


The interaction of people with the environment continues for life. It is extremely important to live in harmony with nature within big cities. İstanbul Energy A.Ş. our aim is to provide life in harmony with nature, to design cities that can meet the needs of future generations, to develop innovative approaches for the protection of the ecosystem.

As in the whole world, we are faced with the fact that Istanbul’s energy needs are increasing day by day. This need requires being sensitive to nature, reducing the negative effects of the city on the environmental system, and establishing a livable ecological system. Energy policies of the countries are also shaped by environmentally friendly natural energy sources. At this point, investments towards alternative energy sources gain strategic importance.

Istanbul Energy A.Ş., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We work with all our strength based on the principle of “A Sustainable World City”. We plan the services and projects we offer in the fields of Energy Management, Lighting, Recycling and Fuel Management in the most economical methods that will be a solution to external dependence in energy, in a way that will protect the historical texture of Istanbul, its natural beauty and facilitate the lives of our fellow citizens.

Floating on Lake Büyükçekmece we have established Solar Power Plant, is the first application in the field of property in Turkey. When we complete the Melen Hydro Power Plant Project, we will provide environmental benefits equivalent to towing 136,000 vehicles in one year and planting 4,250,000 trees. Seymen Landfill Gas Power Plant, which we continue to build in Silivri, is the world’s largest landfill gas power plant established in a single area. When the facility is completed, we will produce benefits equivalent to towing 228,000 vehicles and planting 7,100,000 trees in a year.

Within the scope of fuel management, we meet the fuel and CNG needs of public institutions and organizations and the people of Istanbul. Our work on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure continues. We illuminate parks and gardens with architectural structures that have become the historical and artistic symbols of our city. Our projects for renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, energy efficiency and recovery are ongoing.

We conduct energy efficiency studies in the buildings and facilities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates. In Urban Transformation Projects, we develop projects in accordance with the “Green Building” and “Passive Building” concepts, where renewable energy systems can be applied. By focusing on the “Integrated Building” concept in particular, we focus on the studies starting from the positioning of a building and evaluating all the processes in its life cycle.

In line with the vision of our President Ekrem İmamoğlu, to make Istanbul the most livable city in the world, to offer people a happy and peaceful city life, we will continue to work and contribute to increase the energy of Istanbul and to improve the quality of life.

Love and respect,


General Manager