The goal of architectural lighting; It is to beautify the city by enlightening its historical, cultural buildings, art and engineering works, in other words, the elements that make up the city. Cities with historical and cultural identity are also known for their architectural lighting. The illuminated urban values ​​make the appearance of the city part they live in more meaningful and effective. Illumination of the urban values ​​that determine the character of the city not only makes the subject matter visible, but also enables the architectural features, shaping and function of the subject to appear.


Within the scope of the contract signed with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lighting and Energy Directorate, the studies on the architectural lighting projects of the German Fountain, Obelisk, Knitted Column, Serpentine Column, Spirit Level, Milion Stone, Basilica Cistern, Ahi Çelebi Mosque, Değirmen Han and Galata Tower have been completed.


Istanbul Turkey and the world-wide important business, political, cultural, art center is, therefore, to have a dense population must be continuous light. In addition, good lighting is essential in the safety of people at night. For this, it is very important to maintain existing lighting facilities, to make new facilities where necessary and to keep these new facilities in good condition.