Hizir Sener, who was originally from Trabzon, was born on 19.02.1968 in Istanbul. After graduating from Etiler High School, he graduated from Eskisehir Anatolia University Faculty of Economics.

Between 1990-2001, he worked as manager in export and accounting departments in various companies in the private sector. Between 1994 and 1996 he worked as an Accounting bureau. In 1996, he completed his warrant at Kenen Evren Barracks Levazım Finance School for a short term. Isfalt A.Ş., a subsidiary of İBB, was established on 05.07.2001. He also worked as financial personnel and post-chief general accountant. On 16.01.2008, İstanbul Energy San. ve Tic. Inc. He was appointed as Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager. Hizir Sener, a Financial Advisor, is married and has 2 children.