Our company was established under the name of BEL-PET on 16.08.1962 with the ordinary partnership of Petrol Office, Istanbul Municipality to trade petroleum and petroleum products. Petrol Office has been weak next to foreign oil companies. 12 petrol stations were established for Petrol Office to provide a new opening in the domestic market.

The shares of the company, belonging to Petrol Office, were registered on 31.08.1992 (İDO) in Istanbul Sea Bus San. Tic. Inc. and (İSFALT) İstanbul Asphalt Factories San. Tic. Inc. was transformed into a Limited Company and the company was completely transformed into an IMM organization.

With the issue of BOTAŞ’s transfer of natural gas purchasing contracts, it has changed the regulations and name changes in order to supply the natural gas that İGDAŞ needs from abroad. BEL-PET was founded on 09.01.2003 by İGATAŞ İstanbul Gas and Fuel-Oil Distribution San. And Tic. Inc. It has renamed and reorganized its working area to include natural gas imports and primarily “Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources”.

The interaction with the environment during the supply of energy, which has an important place in human life, is an extremely important issue. In this context, the evaluation of renewable resources, which are prominent today, and the use of environmentally friendly technologies bring important business opportunities.

The company, which perceives the change and the opportunities and threats it brings with it, has updated its mission, vision and strategic goals with the strategic planning work carried out in 2005. Along with these studies, the name change has been brought to the agenda in order to accurately represent the field of activity focused on. In this context, the name of the company was changed as “Istanbul Energy Industry and Trade Inc.” with the general assembly held on 06.03.2006 and this name was registered on 21.03.2006.