History Of WPS’s

Did You Know That Wind Energies Are Used for The First Time in BC?

The first wind energy was used in the Middle East in 2800 BC. Immediately after that, irrigation was made in Mesopotamia in the 17th century BC by making use of wind energy. It is stated in the records that in the same period, wind energy is used for irrigation in China.

Wind energy is not only used on land throughout history and today. In order for a sailboat to cruise at sea, wind energy is used. According to the records, the first known sailboat was launched in 4000 BC. Based on this information, it may be more accurate to say that wind energy has been used since 4000 BC.

According to the records, Greek engineer Heron spoke about wind energy for the first time. He has defined wind energy and also built a water pump powered by wind energy. Later, this water pump was developed and windmills were invented.

The first windmill was built in the Alexandria region, which is within the borders of our country today. Windmills were developed before the European Industrial Revolution for purposes such as grinding agricultural products, pumping water, running sawmills and spread rapidly until the European Industrial Revolution. In the revolution, wind energies started to lose popularity due to the production of energy from fuels such as steam engine, wood and coal.

Windmills are not the only structure that turns wind energy into usable energy. Today, wind energy can be converted into usable energy thanks to wind turbines known as aerogenesis. Wind turbine is a system that converts kinetic energy in wind to mechanical energy and then to electrical energy.

The first known wind turbines in history were built in Denmark in the early 1890s. The first tribune that can produce electricity from wind energy was built in 1891 by an engineer named Paul la Cour in Denmark.

Work continued to develop wind turbines, and almost 100 years later, in the 1960s, two-winged wind turbines were developed. Fiberglass and plastic materials were used in the construction of these stands.

In the 1980s, wind turbines in different ways began to appear. Until that time, uniform wind turbines were produced. While different shapes of tribunes with vertical axis and bed axis started to be produced, on the other hand, the number of wings in the tribune was increased to three.

When it comes to wind energy, we usually think of wind turbines, electricity production from wind energy and its use in industry. However, wind energy is not only useful for electricity generation.

Do you know that you can operate the battery charger with wind energy?

A wide range of research has been done in the history of wind energy, how it can be made useful, in what areas it can be used. Today, studies still continue.

In the 1800s, the scientist named Professor James Blyth succeeded in inventing the first battery charger that was recorded in history, powered by wind energy. And your invention has been patented in the UK. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about this invention.

With the introduction of different energy sources, wind energy lost its popularity for a while. However, as issues such as environmental pollution and world damage came to the fore, large companies focused on the use of greener energy sources and wind energy became popular again.

If you think that the wind turbines, whose sizes and costs vary widely according to the purpose of use, are used only for a large level of electricity production. We can say that you are wrong.

With the developing technology and changing conditions, it is now possible to use wind turbines in personal areas.

Did you know that you can make the Wind Tribune and produce the Electricity of Your Home?

Maybe you have heard, the use of wind turbines in residences has begun to be discussed slowly and companies have started to work on this. With the help of a professional company, it is possible to get the wind turbine for your home or you can make your wind tribune yourself with simple materials.

Although buying from a professional company may seem practical, it can be a bit high in terms of cost. Instead, you can have a wind turbine at a more affordable cost and by yourself. If you like repairs and renovations, we can also say that you will enjoy doing the wind turbine.

You need; 3 pieces of 80 cm pipe, wooden plate, screw, band saw, nut, generator kit motor (50 w), welding machine, grinding machine, hammer drill, ladder, template drawing, 3-meter-long pole.

There are many easy-to-explain videos on the internet about making. To mention very briefly here; 3 pipes as propeller you cut and mount it on the pole. Of course, there are many points to be aware of when cutting in the form of a propeller and mounting it on the pipe. Then you install the generator motor. In this way, you can obtain and store electrical energy from wind energy. If you have problems or have difficulty in installing the engine, you can get help from a know-how.

After all the processes are finished, you can install your wind tribune on the roof of your house or put it at the point where you think your garden gets the most wind. After that, all you have to do is use your electricity from the energy of nature with peace of mind.

Wind energy can be used today in every area where electricity is available. The construction of a large-scale wind tribune may seem costly. However, its return in the long run is quite high in many respects. For this reason, most of the big companies have turned to wind turbines and have accelerated their work on making more developed wind turbines.

Let’s see what innovations we will encounter in the coming days regarding the use of wind energy.