Fuel Management


Our company, which is one of the oldest companies of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, responding to the annual need of 60,000 tons of fuel and mineral oil with 56 years of EXPERIENCE and ASSURANCE in the oil market, supplies fuel and mineral oil to public institutions and organizations throughout Istanbul within the framework of its dealer licenses.


İstanbul Energy A.Ş. We are working to meet the fuel needs of those living in our city in a quality, clean and reliable manner focused on customer satisfaction. Fuel services are provided to the people of Istanbul with our fuel stations located in Fatih (Yenikapı), Üsküdar (Selimiye) and Beylükdüzü (Gürpınar).

Fuel supply service is provided for the sea vehicles passing through the Bosporus in Ispark Istinye Technopark.

Our stations in Kadıköy (İçerenköy), Beyoğlu (Tophane), Eyüp (Alibeyköy), which we have rented for operation, provide retail fuel service.


From our CNG sales station located in Eyüp (Alibeyköy), where we have rented its business, the first bus company, CNG refueling services, which are more economical and environmentally friendly, are also provided to other miscellaneous vehicles.

Our CNG Sales Activities Started with the use of CNG in public transport vehicles as of 2013, creating a market under the leadership of ISTANBUL METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY. As of 2016, 350 buses with 2 CNG stations established by IETT, as of 2016, İSTANBUL ENERJİ A.Ş. CNG usage of 47 buses was provided with 1 CNG station established by. İSTANBUL ENERJİ A.Ş. CNG replenishment can be made in all private vehicles as well as public transportation from CNG stations operated by. İSTANBUL ENERJİ A.Ş. plans to install a total of 5 new CNG stations in 2018, 3 of which are on the European side and 2 on the Anatolian side. In this way, it will be ensured that CNG, which is more economical and environmentally friendly, can be used in many private vehicles such as fleet vehicles such as taxi, minibus, service vehicles and cargo companies.


İstanbul Energy A.Ş. As an alternative to fossil fuels, it continues its efforts to create an environmentally and environmentally friendly electric vehicle charging infrastructure.