Energy Management


Today, wind energy and technology emerge as a clean and renewable energy source accepted by all countries and environments. With the development of technology and population growth, our world has faced an intense energy demand. This demand is met largely from fossil sources. However, considering the danger of exhaustion of fossil fuels and also the environmental damage, it becomes inevitable to turn to alternative energy sources. Istanbul has sufficient potential in terms of wind energy due to its location. Studies are carried out to evaluate these resources and to ensure the energy consumption of IMM and its affiliates from renewable energy sources.


Turkey, as one of the best owned by trying to exploit the potential of solar energy as the country comes to the fore. According to Europe and other world states, our country’s solar energy potential and annual sunbathing time are quite high. Especially in recent years, our country has been investing heavily in the energy sector and many efforts have been made to improve the sector. Technologies developed to benefit from solar energy both increase the amount of solar energy utilization and reduce infrastructure costs. Solar energy, which meets its investment in a short time with its cheap investment cost and increasing efficiency, is also interesting as an environmentally friendly energy source. As the awareness of using solar energy develops in our country, a more environmental and economic resource will be utilized.


Compared with wind and solar energy in renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power plants in Turkey, both in terms of technical and economic feasibility of energy investments is seen as the most appropriate. 2023 targets in line with Turkey to invest in projects based on renewable energy sources hydroelectric projects although further increase with each passing day is among the primary sources of this target. Istanbul Energy aims to bring permanent and clean solutions to the energy need for Istanbul with its studies on hydroelectric power plants (HEPP), which is among the primary sources of our country for clean energy.


Biomass energy is considered an inexhaustible source, being a suitable and important energy source, as it can be obtained anywhere, and helps socio-economic developments, especially for rural areas. With the increasing population of Istanbul, energy production activities have been accelerated from biomass (domestic solid wastes, sludge, energy plants, etc.) by making the most efficient use of the resources available.


They are hot water, steam and gases containing chemicals that are formed by the heat accumulated in various depths of the geothermal earth crust. Geothermal energy includes utilizing these geothermal sources and the energy they generate directly or indirectly. Within the scope of the studies carried out so far in Istanbul, soundings of 900-1200 m have been made in various regions and it has been determined that the water temperature in these depths is in the range of 35 °C-55 °C.


Energy efficiency; It is the reduction of energy consumption per unit of service without causing a decrease in living standards and service quality in buildings. It is possible to reduce your energy costs and contribute to the protection of your environment without restricting your needs by using energy efficiently in heating, lighting, electrical devices and equipment. With the efforts of the Ministry of Energy, it has been determined that we have an energy saving potential of approximately 7.5 billion TL, which can build four Keban Dams: 30% in the residential sector, 20% in the industrial sector and 15% in the transportation sector. While meeting our heating, lighting and transportation needs, while using our electrical appliances, in short, we can contribute to the family budget, the economy of the country and the protection of our environment without restricting our needs by using energy efficiently in every phase of our daily life.