Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency; It is the reduction of energy consumption per unit of service without causing a decrease in living standards and service quality in buildings. It is possible to reduce your energy costs and contribute to the protection of your environment without restricting your needs by using energy efficiently in heating, lighting, electrical devices and equipment. With the efforts of the Ministry of Energy, it has been determined that we have an energy saving potential of approximately 7.5 billion TL, which can build four Keban Dams: 30% in the residential sector, 20% in the industrial sector and 15% in the transportation sector. While meeting our heating, lighting and transportation needs, while using our electrical appliances, in short, we can contribute to the family budget, the economy of the country and the protection of our environment without restricting our needs by using energy efficiently in every phase of our daily life.
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Our company has obtained the authorization certificate of “Energy Efficiency Consultancy Company” in the Building category on 25.05.2017 and within this scope, it conducts energy studies in buildings and facilities belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates.
Firstly, energy studies have been started in Hidayet Türkoglu Sports Complex, Fatih Sports Complex, Hasan Doğan Sports Complex and Çekmeköy Sports complexes. Afterwards, it is aimed to extract the potential of saving by conducting studies of other sports facilities and administrative buildings where the energy consumption of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is intense.
In addition, we have started to work in accordance with the Green Building and Passive Building concepts, where renewable energy systems can be applied, especially in Urban Transformation Projects. We continue our studies, focusing on the Integrated Building concept, starting from positioning a building and evaluating all the processes in the life cycle.